Activities and opportunities

You are welcome to learn about the activities we are implementing in collaboration with the communities and projects that can help residents of our communities be more energy smart.

We aim to inform the public about the safety principles that must be adhered to when performing field works through various media outlets – television, radio, press and the internet. We especially focus on reminding residents about the underground electricity and gas network as well as disseminating advice on safe behaviour during storms.

Public information

The education of the public and especially the younger generation about energy is improved by organizing public tours of the objects managed by Ignitis Gamyba: Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plant (CCGT) in Elektrėnai, Kruonis PSHP, Kaunas HPP. Although tours were temporarily suspended during the pandemic, usually more than 100 tours are organized per year with a total attendance of more than 2,000–2,500 visitors from various companies, schools and other institutions. In 2020 the tours were cancelled, but we have created a virtual tour in Kaunas HPP (link).


Active participation in Lithuania’s Energy Day initiatives: every year in April our employees teach more than fifty lessons on energy and energy efficiency to students of all ages.

Active participation in initiatives

Maintaining close contact with local communities is especially important for the Group’s companies implementing new projects – Ignitis Renewables, Vilnius CHP and Kaunas CHP. The companies periodically organise meetings, participate in community celebrations where they present their activities, status of project implementation and engage in a dialogue.

Maintaining close contact with local communities

Ignitis Renewables, together with other members of Lithuanian Wind Power Association (LVEA), has signed a commitment to local communities. This document aims to name and detail the key principles which must be adhered by LVEA members developing wind energy projects. You can find the commitment here (link).

Commitment to local communities

Innovation and development projects create value for residents and communities by making their lives easier, creating opportunities to generate energy themselves and to use more environmentally friendly means of transport. The Group has developed the world's first nationwide remote solar powerplants platform, Saulės Parkai (Solar Parks), where any resident of the country, even when residing in an apartment, can become the owner of a part of a solar powerplant and use the energy generated by it. We are planning to develop similar services and include even more communities. In Vilnius, Ignitis Group has developed a wide network of fast EV charging stations Ignitis ON.

Innovation and development projects
Let’s discuss collaboration opportunities!

When working with communities, we consider various possibilities for ensuring open collaboration that is beneficial to all:

  • We participate in events organised by the communities residing near where we operateWe consider the needs of the communities and can offer interesting or fun activities and provide useful information related to energy
  • We inform the community members on what energy is like today and how you can be energy smart
  • We organise tours for community representatives to objects managed by Ignitis Group

Would you like to collaborate, or do you have more ideas? Write us an email at and let’s discuss it!