Candidates to the Supervisory Board of Ignitis Group have been announced 

28 September 2021
Candidates to the Supervisory Board of Ignitis Group have been announced 

The Ministry of Finance, the majority shareholder of an international energy company Ignitis Group, announced the candidates proposed to the Supervisory Board of the company. The shareholders of Ignitis Group will vote on five independent candidates and two representatives of the Ministry on 26 October.  

The independent candidates: Alfonso Faubel, Tim Brooks as well as Bent Christensen and Judith Buss, who have already worked in the previous term of the Supervisory Board, have an extensive international experience in energy sector, and especially in the area of renewable energy, while Lorraine Wrafter is an experienced organisational development and human resources director. Aušra Vičkačkienė and Ingrida Muckutė are the experts to represent the Ministry of Finance. Four out of seven members have served as members of the Supervisory board and/or committees of Ignitis Group. 

A. Faubel will be responsible for the field of sustainable development, L.Wrafter – for the field of development of the organisation, T.Broos – for the field of sustainable development and risk management, B.Christensen – for the field of strategic management and international development and J.Buss for the field of financial management. 

Alfonso Faubel is an executive with 34 years’ diverse experience in automotive, digitization and energy industries. During more than a decade, he gathered especially valuable experience in energy sector, and, in particular, renewables, both in onshore and offshore wind businesses in Siemens Gamesa, Alstom/General Electric companies – major global players in the wind power markets. Moreover, he launched business in 16 new markets when working at the latter, such as Italy, France, Spain, Mexico and other countries. 

 Lorraine Wrafter is a HR director and experienced organisational development professional with a specialisation in Organisation Effectiveness (change, culture, M&A, organisation design and talent management). Ms Wrafter has more than 20 years’ experience in implementing organisational transformation programmes in big multinational corporations such as HOLCIM, CARGILL Inc. 

 Tim Brooks is a senior executive with more than 20 years’ experience in the field of sustainable development, currently working for 9 years at LEGO Group, where he acts as a Vice President since 2016, and contributes to the company’s risk and compliance boards. He and his team contributed significantly to LEGO Group ranking as the world’s most reputable company for the second year in a row, including the areas of ethics and sustainable development.  

Bent Christensen is a senior executive with more than 35 years of international experience in the energy sector, he filled key senior executive positions in Siemens and Orsted. Under his management, offshore wind  projects of a total value of over EUR 7bn were developed and implemented. Mr Christensen is experienced in preparing organisations for growth and success, merging large organisations, implementing comprehensive change management programmes. 

 Judith Buss has more than 20 years of experience in various senior leadership positions in the energy and finance companies, including E.ON. For many years she worked in international German, Norwegian and British companies and gained a broad operational experience. She also has significant experience in corporate finance, leading and negotiating large international M&As, worked with debt and equity capital markets, IPO, is experienced in organisational and cultural change processes. 

Aušra Vičkačkienė for over a decade has been leading the State Assets Management Department of the Ministry of Finance. Previously she worked in the fields of financial services regulation and public debt management. For several years Ms Vičkačkienė has represented and continues to represent the Ministry of Finance on several management and supervisory boards of state-owned companies.  For Aušra Vičkačkienė this would be the second consecutive term in the Supervisory Board of Ignitis Group – she worked in the previous term of Supervisory Board ended in August since 30 September 2017.  

 Ingrida Muckutė is leading the Reporting, Audit, Business Valuation and Insolvency Policy Department since 2004. In 2013 during the Lithuanian Presidency of the European Council she was chairing Company Law working group’s meetings on Audit Directive and Regulation. From then on, her responsibilities cover chairing national accounting standards committees for private and public sectors, active contribution to modernising the national systems of accounting, insolvency and property and business valuation through proposals of legal initiatives. 

The international selections of candidates for the positions of independent members of the Supervisory Board of Ignitis Group was conducted by the Ministry of Finance and the agency conducting manager and managing personnel recruitment UAB “J. Friisberg & Partners” together with the partners of the network J.Friisberg and Partners International. 152 candidates participated in the selection with a great deal of interest from candidates from Germany, Denmark and Spain. 

According to the Corporate Management Guidelines of Ignitis Group, the Supervisory Board is a collegial body, which is elected for a term of four years by the General Meeting of Shareholders. 


The Supervisory Board of Ignitis Group comprises seven members: two representatives of the Ministry of Finance and five independent members. The Chair shall be elected from among its members.  


Material event notice on the convening of General Meeting of Shareholders can be found here: (link