“Ignitis Group“ wins top prize at the National Responsible Business Awards

19 January 2024

On 18 January, Ignitis Group, an integrated renewable energy company, was recognised as “Most Environmentally Friendly Company” and “Workplace of the Year” in the category of large companies by the jury of the National Responsible Business Awards. “Ignitis Group” was also presented the top socially responsible company award: "Socially Responsible Company of the Year", in recognition for having been shortlisted for several nominations and the company’s significant progress in all areas of social responsibility.

Darius Maikštėnas, CEO of Ignitis Group, says that these awards reflect the consistent and purposeful work of all employees of the Group, acting as a reminder that the company is on the right path. "Group consistently adheres to the highest environmental, social and governance principles and standards. We are the largest energy group in the Baltics, creating a 100% green and safe ecosystem for the energy sector, and our people are dedicated to contributing to this goal,” said D. Maikštėnas.

The “Environmentally Friendly Company” was presented to the Ignitis Group for the second year in a row. Minister of the Environment Simonas Gentvilas presented this award at the awards ceremony which was held at the Palace of the Estates. Aušrinė Armonaitė, the Minister of the Economy and Innovation, presented the “Workplace of the Year” award. The award for "Socially Responsible Company of the Year" was presented by Vytautas Šilinskas, Deputy Minister of Social Security and Labour. In total, Ignitis Group“ won three awards: “Workplace of the Year“, “Environmentally Friendly Company“ and “Most Community-Friendly Company“.

The key ambition of "Ignitis Group“ is to become a regional leader in the transition towards a climate-neutral, secure and independent energy ecosystem, while contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide in Europe by facilitating the movement of renewable energy flows from Northern to Central Europe.

"Ignitis Group" aims to create a working environment that respects and appreciates the uniqueness and diversity of individual employees, so they can feel safe and appreciated as they achieve their potential. The Group has an approved and operating Code of Ethics, Code of Ethics for Group Suppliers, policies of People and Culture, Equal Opportunities and Diversity, Environmental Protection and others, that are available here (link). We are committed to paying great attention to the internal development and emotional health of employees.

The National Responsible Business Awards, initiated by the Ministry of Social Security and Labour and other state institutions, are intended for business representatives of the country, to evaluate their achievements and promote the development of social responsibility in Lithuania. The contest, which was established in 2008,  promotes good competition to increase social responsibility rather than focus on profit. 

Awards are presented in six categories: “Workplace of the Year“, “Most Community-Friendly Company of the Year“, “Most Environmentally Friendly Company“, “Workplace Creating the Safest and Most Favourable Emotional Environment“, “Workplace Promoting Diversity“, and “Socially Responsible Company of the Year“. There are three categories for each award, based on company size: very small and small companies (up to 49 employees), medium companies (50-249 employees) and large companies (from 250 employees).