Wind Farms

Currently the companies of Ignitis Group run four operational winds farms in Lithuania (Eurakras, Vėjo Vatas and two farms of Vėjo Gūsis: Liepynė and Kreivėnai) and one in Estonia (Tuuleenergia). The total power of the operational farms is over 76 MW.

In July, 2019 a construction of a 94 MW Pomerania wind farm in Poland, belonging to the group, began. The company is also developing a wind farm project near Mažeikiai.

Until 2020, Ignitis Group aims to run renewable energy resources farms of 400 MW in the Baltic States and Poland, and in 2030 the group will run a total of 3000 MW power of green generation plants in the whole European Union.

The group’s renewable energy projects are managed by the company Ignitis Renewables, which is responsible for the efficient operation of wind power farms, maintenance of the operating parks and development of the new ones.

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