Shares and GDRs

Find out important information for Ignitis Group shareholders: overview of shares and GDRs, GDR programme and IPO-related documents.

Overview of shares and GDRs

After the largest ever IPO in the Baltic States in October 2020, shares of Ignitis Group are being traded on Nasdaq Vilnius and GDRs – on the London Stock Exchange. Securities are all the same class of shares, each entitled to equal voting and dividend rights, specifically – one vote at the General Meetings of Shareholders, and to equal dividend.

ISIN codeLT0000115768Reg S: US66981G2075;
Rule 144A:US66981G1085​
Nominal value, EUR

22.33 per share​

Number of shares (share classes)

72,388,960 (one share class)

Free float, shares (%)

18 105,203 (25.01%)

Share capital, EUR


GDR programme

Ignitis Group has established a Global Depository Receipt (GDR) program with the Bank of New York Mellon serving as a depositary bank. GDRs are being traded on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol IGN. Each GDR represents a single ordinary share of Ignitis Group.​

DR VenueLondon Stcok Exchange
Ratio (GDR:ORD)1 GDR: 1 ORD
Reg SUS66981G2075
Rule 144AUS66981G1085
GDR depositaryThe Bank of New York Mellon

Summary of information for GDR holders


Voting at General Meetings

The Bank of New York Mellon, in its capacity as a depositary bank, distributes proxy material and tabulation and casts proxy votes in shareholder meetings. 

Holders of GDRs are entitled to instruct the depositary bank as a proxy to exercise their voting rights with respect to the number of ordinary shares represented by the respective GDRs.​

The exchange ratio between Ignitis Group’s GDRs to ordinary registered shares is 1:1, i.e., one  GDR represents one ordinary registered share.



​Dividends are paid to owners of ordinary registered shares and GDRs In GDR case, the GDR depositary (the Bank of New York Mellon) is responsible for distributing the dividend to GDR owners in EUR. The Bank of New York Mellon also collects fees from GDR holders for each cash distribution of EUR 0.02 per share.​

Tax information​

GDR owners should contact their broker or tax advisor to inquire about the possible tax levies, double taxation avoidance or other taxes related to GDRs. ​


For all GDR related questions, including but not limited to the right to receive dividends and other aspects, eligibility for tax exemptions, application of treaties on avoidance of double taxation and refunds of withholding tax relating to investments in GDRs with consideration to the specifics of legal regulation of the GDRs as well as market differences, investors must consult with the issuer of the GDRs, its authorized party or their securities managers.​

All relevant Bank of New York Mellon contacts are available on their website. ​​

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Ignitis Group was listed on Nasdaq Vilnius and London Stock Exchange (LSE) on 7 October 2020, having raised EUR 450 million in primary capital after the completion of the IPO.