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Find the information on the Ignitis Group's shareholder structure, type and country of origin. Also learn about the competences and expectations of the majority shareholder.

Our shareholders

The Republic of Lithuania (the authority implementing the shareholder’s rights – the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, the Majority Shareholder) owns 74.99% of the parent company’s share capital, with the remaining being held by the institutional (15.92%) and retail investors (9.09%). There are no other parties holding more than 5% of the parent company’s share capital.

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Majority shareholder

The management of the Majority Shareholder shares is carried out in accordance with the current version of the Law on Companies, which establishes property and non-property rights and obligations of all shareholders, the Description of the Procedure of the Implementation of State Property and Non-Property Rights in State-Owned Enterprises approved by the Resolution No 665 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 6 June 2012, and the latest version of the Articles of Association (see from page 21) of the company.

Letter of expectations

The Majority Shareholder’s competence

One of the corporate governance principles outlined in the Corporate Governance Guidelines is the exercise of the rights conferred by shareholders‘ shares, which is set to ensure that the Majority Shareholder exercises the voting rights attached to the shares within its competence and undertakes its best effort to ensure that the parent company and the Group companies are able to operate independently, i.e., the Majority Shareholder:​

  • shall not take actions that could prevent the parent company and the Group companies from conducting business independently;​
  • shall not influence the day-to-day running of the parent company's business or hold or acquire a material shareholding in one or more significant subsidiaries of the Group companies;​
  • shall not take any action (or refuse to take any action) which would be prejudicial to the parent company's status as a listed company or the parent company's eligibility for listing, or would reasonably prevent the parent company from complying with the obligations and requirements established by the law applicable to listed companies;​
  • shall conduct all transactions and ensure relationships with the companies of the Group companies on the market basis (following the arm‘s length principle) and on a normal commercial basis;​
  • shall not vote in favour of or propose any decision to amend the Articles of Association of the parent company which would be contrary to the principle of independence of the parent company‘s business;​
  • shall vote in a manner that ensures that the management of the parent company complies with the principles of good governance set out in the Corporate Governance Code.​

Expectations of Majority Shareholder

In accordance with the Property Guidelines, the Majority Shareholder submits a Letter of Expectations to the parent company at least once every four years on the objectives pursued by the Majority Shareholder in the SOE and its expectations. With that in mind, the Letter of Expectations regarding the activities of the Group was approved by the order of the Minister of Finance on 11 May 2023.​

In this letter, the Majority Shareholder indicates the following expectations in respect of the Group’s strategic priorities:​

  • to prioritise focused, sustainable and profitable development of green generation capacities in order to significantly contribute to energy security and green transition in the region;​
  • to ensure the availability and the long-term operational capacity of the infrastructure that is important for national and energy security;​
  • to strive to increase electricity supply in the region by supplying final consumers with clean energy generated by its green generation assets;​
  • to ensure the resilience of the electricity distribution network to external factors, efficient distribution, network development, facilitation of the energy market and electrification in Lithuania;​
  • to ensure the reliability and flexibility of the Lithuanian energy system and its development while contributing to the implementation of​ changes in the energy sector in Lithuania and across the region;​
  • to ensure sustainable development of the Group activities.
Ainė Riffel-Grinkevičienė

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Ainė Riffel-Grinkevičienė

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