Memberships and partnerships

We carry out sustainable activities together with our partners. By participating in the activities of various organizations, we share our experience and learn from others. By obtaining memberships and acquiring partners, we further support and strengthen our commitments to the principles outlined in the Paris Agreement.

UN Global Compact

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We integrate environmental, social responsibility and good governance criteria into our business goals, which are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We contribute to the implementation of all SDGs, focusing on five, the pursuit of which allows us to make a significant contribution.

7. Affordable and clean energy

To ensure that everyone has access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy services:

  • we ensure the availability of energy services;
  • we are expanding green generation capacity;
  • we promote the development and consumption of clean energy;
  • we proactively look for innovations in energy sector and incorporate them into our business;
  • we promote energy efficiency.

8. Decent work and economic growth

Promoting sustainable economic growth and decent work:

  • we ensure equal working and pay conditions for employees;
  • we respect human rights and freedoms;
  • we do not tolerate any form of discrimination and harassment;
  • safe work for employees and contractors is the Group's priority.

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

By developing flexible infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation:

  • we invest in sustainable infrastructure and its improvement;
  • we contribute to scientific research and invest in development projects;
  • we support international cooperation;
  • we help those who develop innovations useful to society.

12. Responsible consumption and production

Ensuring responsible consumption and production:

  • we carefully select reliable partners and ensure a fair partnership;
  • we promote responsible energy consumption;
  • we aim to use resources efficiently whe creating products and services;
  • we promote waste recycling, rational management and use, and re-use of resources;
  • we are expanding green generation capacity.

13. Climate action

Contributing to climate change mitigation:

  • we implement decarbonization plans;
  • we reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and aim to manage emissions to achieve net zero in GHG emissions in the long run;
  • we adhere to the highest environmental protection and ecological standards;
  • we increase the resilience of the energy infrastructure and adaptation to the effects of climate change.


When it comes to our memberships and partnerships, we forge collaborations aligned with our sustainability vision and goals. Through strategic alliances and memberships in impactful networks, we aim to amplify our commitment to the principles outlined in the Paris Agreement. These partnerships enable us to engage in collective action, drive innovation, and contribute meaningfully to global efforts addressing climate change and sustainability challenges. 

As a member of the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance (BICG), Ignitis Group contributes to improving the transparency, competitiveness and governance of companies in the Baltic region. Ignitis Group also participates in the activities of the National Lithuanian Energy Association (NLEA) and the Lithuanian Responsible Business Association (LAVA). 

In 2019, the Group joined Wind Europe, which unites members of the wind industry in Europe and the world. Group companies developing renewable resource projects participate in the activities of the Lithuanian Wind Power Association and other organizations operating in this field.

In 2018, Vilnius and Kaunas cogeneration power plants joined the confederation uniting European cogeneration power plants CEWEP.

Organizations of which the Group companies are members:



Ignitis Group cooperates with the largest universities in Lithuania to contribute to studies development and creation of practical programs. Organization participates in events and other activities. 

The highest standards of transparency are a very important part of Ignitis Group's activities, to which we pay great attention. Therefore, we cooperate with the Special Investigation Service in ensuring the prevention of corruption. We also work with the Police Department to ensure the highest standards of cyber security and crime prevention. 

We aim to contribute to the development of the energy sector, so together with our partners we participate in Intelligent energy lab and Clean Technology Cluster projects.

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