Sustainability governance

Sustainability is at the core of the Group’s strategy and strategic plan. Ambition to lead the energy transition across the region towards an energy smart world requires strengthening of our ESG performance and accountability. Our sustainability management plan and a list of policies we follow are disclosed to the public. We publish ESG indicator data and sustainability highlight in the interim and half year reports while comprehensive ESG information is published in our Annual reports.

Ignitis Group sustainability governance structure

External oversight

Sets strategic direction and approves strategic sustainability goals

Sets strategic sustainability direction, approves strategic sustainability goals and oversees the progress.  

Sets strategic direction and approves strategic sustainability goals

Oversees the strategic directions for sustainability, provides opinion and recommendations on sustainability actions and targets, oversees key ESG topics, focusing on health and safety and climate, supervises compliance with ethical business practices as well as bribery and corruption risk system and makes recommendations to the Supervisory Board. The committee also assesses the state of implementation of the risk measures in these fields, monitors the progress and reviews related disclosures and reports.

Oversees sustainability strategy, key ESG issues and reporting

Responsible for assessing candidates for the management and supervisory bodies and the senior management of the Group companies. It also monitors the compliance of the Group Remuneration Policy of Group companies with international practices and good governance recommendations.

Oversees ESG-data-related processes, monitors external assurance

Oversees the effectiveness of the Group's ESG data disclosure process.


Approves sustainability policies, programmes and ensures implementation

Makes decisions on formulating, approving and updating the Group’s sustainability-related policies, guidelines and activities. It approves sustainability goals for the Group and its subsidiaries, including the GHG reduction targets. The Management Board monitors the Group’s key ESG risks (including the climaterelated ones) and is ultimately accountable for the long-term stewardship of the Group. The Management Board considers it important to respond to the climate change and other nature-related issues as well as the risks associated with them. The Management Board appoints members of the Sustainable Development Committee.

Internal oversight

Supports the Management Board, discusses sustainability policies and programmes and proposes solutions for the implementation within the Group

Supports the Management Board, discuses sustainability policies and programmes and proposes solutions for their implementation within the Group.

Coordination, implementation

Coordinates preparation and implementation of sustainability programmes and reports

Ensures centralised coordination of sustainability/ESG-related issues at the Group level. The separate function reports directly to the CEO of the parent company. The Sustainability function ensures the implementation of the Sustainability Policy, advises the Group companies and functions on sustainability matters, coordinates the sustainability and consolidates the ESG data of the Group companies. Other functions also play a role in coordinating the sustainability-related matters, depending on their needs and their main functional role.


Our sustainability framework

We transform for a more sustainable world
Embedding sustainability / ESG in governance and processes

We follow good corporate governance practices and seek to manage our impacts based on the recommendations of international institutions and the scientific community.

Setting measurable sustainability / ESG targets

We are committed to reducing net GHG emissions to zero by 2050. We seek to contribute directly to the implementation of the UN Global Compact, Sustainable Development Goals, and the Paris Agreement.

Progress evaluation and continuous refining

We aim to benchmark our continuous improvement using ESG ratings provided by leading ESG ratings agencies and seek to improve our ESG ratings.

Strengthening disclosures

We seek to disclose the Group’s progress by using globally recognized standards and formats suited to a broad range of stakeholder needs.