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First three months 2024 interim report

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KPIs (2023)

Adjusted EBITDA

484.7 EURm

+3.3%, YoY


937.1 EURm

+79.6%, YoY

Dividend per share

1.286 EUR

+3.0%, YoY

Green Capacities Portfolio

7.4 GW

31 March 2024

Reports, presentations and fact sheets

Alternative performance measures (APM)

In addition to financial performance measures prepared according to International Financial Accountability Standards (IFAS), Ignitis Group also provides alternative financial performance measures in its financial statements that are not indicated in IFAS. The company considers that these alternative performance measures are important indicators of its performance for investors and other users of financial statements. Alternative performance measures have to be treated as supplementary information to the information prepared according to IFAS.

The company provides the calculation methodology of alternative performance measures, which may differ from methodologies used by other companies, in the link below.

Alternative performance measures