Business conduct

A robust organization is an organization that is strong, ready to navigate future uncertainty and changes, thereby maintaining its stakeholders’ trust.

Business conduct

We strive to be transparent and apply good governance practices. Maintaining close relations with the communities where we operate, governmental institutions, shareholders, customers, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders is one of the key principles of our transparent and responsible operations set out in the Code of Ethics and the Sustainability Policy. We operate in a consistent and transparent manner, taking responsibility for our activities and cooperating with various organizations.

Prevention of corruption

Ignitis Group is committed to acting in a responsible and harmonious manner. Thus, we do not tolerate any form of corruption in daily activities and advocate fair business and transparent communication with all interested parties. 

We ensure this by complying to our anti-corruption policy.

Anti-corruption management

Ignitis Group companies have a unified Anti-Corruption Management System (ACMS), which meets the requirements of the international certificate ISO 37001. The group currently has the following items:

  • Gift register and hospitality management;
  • Register of declarations of private interests;
  • Conflict of interest management (elimination standard) system;
  • Due diligence of candidates, staff, business partners, transactions;
  • Line of trust;
  • Code of Ethics;
  • Anti-corruption training.

In 2021, Ignitis Group ACMS has been officially acknowledged for meeting the requirements of the international standard and the company has been awarded the ISO 37001 certificate.

You can learn more on how we work with corruption here.

Gift policy

We value transparent cooperation based on trust, partnership and respect, and we believe that the best gift is a sincere “thank you” and attention. Therefore, we refrain from making any gifts within the Group to our business partners, except as required by normal international protocol practice. 

We encourage our business partners not to give any gifts to our Group employees. In order to thank the employees of our Group, we invite you to do so not with gifts of material value, but with attention and kind words. 

All gifts received or provided are registered in the Group's gift register.

Trust line

The Trust Line is an opportunity to anonymously and confidentially report violations of the law performed by Ignitis Group employees or business partners that threaten or violate the public interest, and to ensure the prevention and disclosure of such violations.

The Trust Line as a means of reporting possible violations is set out in the Ignitis Group Code of Ethics, Anti-Corruption Policy, Sustainability Policy, Environmental Policy, Policy of Equal Opportunities and Diversity.  

The Trust Line cannot be used to make false accusations, nor may it be used for commercial or other general matters.

All notifications received through the Trust Line shall be processed in accordance with the established procedure, and summary reports on received notifications shall be provided only as required by law. We are committed to ensuring the anonymity of reporters and the confidentiality of the information provided.

You can report suspected violations by filling out the following form:

Report to the Trust Line

Statistics of notifications received via the Trust Line 2024

Contacts of the Trust Line:
Tel. No. +370 640 88889  
E-mail [email protected].

We will be grateful if you report on any noticed violations or express your suspicions regarding them. We guarantee the confidentiality and the protection of the whistleblowers.

Protection of whistleblowers 


We apply to the Special Investigation Service (SIS) for the selection of staff for certain positions. Written requests to the SIS shall be made before the person is appointed. A person may be appointed only after receiving and evaluating information from the SIS. 

List of positions to be applied for at SIS.

Data protection

  • All employees are introduced to the Group's personal data processing practices.
  • Personal data protection training is held for all employees every year.
  • Compliance experts and the Head of Data Protection ensure the compliance with the Personal Data Protection Policy and the requirements of legal acts governing the processing of personal data.
  • Group employees can receive consultations on personal data protection compliance issues.
  • Memos for employees are being prepared regarding personal data protection based on their supervised activities.

Business continuity assurance

In the Group, business continuity is enshrined in the Business Continuity Policy and related documents and standards. The policy provides a framework that ensures the Group's preparation for an unforeseen disruption. The highest level of attention is paid to safe and uninterrupted operations: the Business Continuity Policy and crisis management plans of the Group of companies are approved by the Board of AB Ignitis Group. 

On the basis of the business impact analysis, business continuity plans are prepared in each of the Group's companies in coordination with the parent company. The main business continuity plans of the Group companies are Business Continuity Plan, Emergency Plan, Crisis Management Plan and Disaster Recovery Plans. The policy sets out responsibilities for the preparation, review, and periodic testing of the plans. Regular training exercises are also held in the Group companies.