Announced selection of an independent Management Board member of Ignitis

13 January 2023

An international energy company AB “Ignitis grupė” has announced a selection of an independent member of the Management Board of its subsidiary Ignitis. The new independent member will be responsible for international business development. Applications are accepted until 3 February.

“Ignitis has a clear ambition of expanding in the region, especially in e-mobility market. We hope that new the competence of the new independent member will contribute towards the strategic planning and management, our ability to provide our customers with top quality and innovative services as well as the best customer experience in Lithuania and abroad,” says Vidmantas Salietis, Management Board Member at Ignitis Group and Supervisory Board Chair at Ignitis.

The new independent Management Board member of Ignitis will be responsible for international business development and must have management experience and experience in international development of EV charging networks.

The full list of requirements for the position and information on the selection is available here.

The new member of Ignitis Management Board will be appointed for a term of four years. The selection of an independent Management Board member will be conducted with the help of the agency conducting manager and managing personnel recruitment J. Friisberg & Partners.

We would like to remind you that Ignitis Group decided to optimise the governance of its subsidiaries, including Ignitis. A two-tier management model is being replaced with a one-tier management model, i.e., abandoning executive Management Boards formed out of employees and instead forming Boards with supervisory functions.

Ignitis Management Board comprises 5 (five) members: 2 (two) independent members, 2 (two) representatives delegated by the sole shareholder Ignitis Group and 1 (one) civil servant.