Ignitis ON fast charging hub opens in Palanga

31 May 2024

Ignitis, a smart energy solutions company, develops an Ignitis ON EV charging network in the Baltic states and continues to demonstrate leadership while increasing convenience for EV drivers. A fast charging hub has been opened in Palanga, Taikos g. 2, which is able to charge 20 EVs at once. Four additional EV charging points have been installed at Ronžės g. 5A. The EV charging hub has 16 charging points with a capacity of 60 kW and four charging points with a capacity of 150 kW. Four charging points at Ronžės g. 2 are capable of charging at 60 kW. The total investments of Ignitis exceed EUR 0.5 million.

The Ignitis ON EV charging hub has been installed within a record time – 199 days, so the guests arriving at the resort would start the summer season feeling confident. There will definitely be a place to charge their vehicles.

According to Eimantas Balta, Head of E-mobility at Ignitis, Palanga had no place to charge EVs conveniently, without waiting in line, and had nothing close to an EV charging hub. “Palanga is probably one of the most desired locations for businesses trying to expand the EV charging infrastructure, and Ignitis ON is no exception. This is because the resort guests and residents are partial to sustainability ideas, want to breathe fresher air and strive to live in harmony with nature, which means that they are choosing now or considering driving EVs in the near future. That's why we find it especially important that it’s Ignitis ON that won the tender announced by the municipality and is creating convenient conditions for EV drivers in the capital of summer,” commented E. Balta.

Ignitis ON

Šarūnas Vaitkus, Palanga Mayor, commented that the ability for Palanga residents and guests to come to Palanga using EVs without fear is an important part of city’s transformation.

“Palanga is a resort, so ecology is and will be very important topic in our city. I am glad to hear that Palanga is welcoming the summer while being even more friendly to EV drivers. The latest and largest EV charging hub in Western Lithuania will serve both the city’s residents and the guests of the resort. I believe that convenient and well-developed infrastructure will incentivise EV drivers from other cities to come to Palanga more often and will encourage more Palanga residents to change their polluting vehicles to more ecological alternatives,” said Š. Vaitkus.

“We see a growing number of EV registrations in Lithuania and the Baltics each month, which increases the demand for charging points. One of the main questions EV drivers have for the charging network developers is when will they be able to conveniently drive from Vilnius to Palanga, when will the resort have enough charging points? So, the issue has been resolved in Palanga, however, this is just a beginning, we will definitely have more great news for both Palanga guests and visitors of Western Lithuania because we are currently in the active EV infrastructure development phase, we are expanding fast and very fast charging infrastructure throughout Lithuania,” commented E. Balta.

Ignitis ON EV charging hub has been officially opened in Palanga on 31 May. During the opening weekend, i.e., from 31 May to 2 June, a 50% discount for EV charging will apply at the new charging points in Palanga at Taikos g. 2 and Ronžės g. 5A.

All EV charging points can be conveniently located using the Ignitis ON app.