Ignitis Group recognised as the most environmentally friendly company

25 January 2023

The Commission of the National Responsible Business Awards recognised Ignitis Group as the most environmentally friendly company in the large enterprise category. The company considers the award, which was presented yesterday, to be an important recognition of the fact that it is headed in the right direction in the implementation of its Environmental Policy and pursuit of its ambitious goals.

“Our aim is to operate in an efficient, sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Therefore, the priority in the Group’s activities is given to the development of environmentally friendly solutions, the reduction of environmental impact, the management of related risks and the creation of a culture based on the principles of sustainable development in the Group and its environment,” says Darius Maikštėnas, CEO of Ignitis Group.

Operating in the energy sector, Ignitis Group recognises that energy is responsible for the largest share of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from production to consumption. Therefore, the transformation and decarbonisation of the energy sector are prerequisites for limiting increasing Earth’s temperatures. In this context, the Group has set ambitious GHG reduction targets and is pursuing them in recognition of the heterogeneity of the problem. Recent years have shown that climate change is only one of the aspects that we must assess and manage, along with the impact on biodiversity, pollution of environmental components (air, water, soil) caused by our activities, etc.

Thus Ignitis Group follows the Environmental Policy which clearly states that we strive for harmony with the environment, monitor the impact of our activities on it and contribute to the implementation of the sustainable development objectives. We are directly dependent on ecosystem services and natural resources, therefore the Group’s companies address environmental issues in observance of the highest international standards, applying the best available technologies and practices, increasing efficiency of processes and assessing potential risks.

Ignitis Group’s facilities are subject to continuous environmental monitoring which helps to measure environmental impact. In objects that are important to local communities, we involve residents in the process, thus ensuring its transparency. We also encourage Group’s employees to contribute to environmental protection in their daily work, starting with simple solutions, such as going paperless, sorting waste, saving energy, and ending with various trainings or tree planting events.

Moreover, Ignitis Group aims to involve its business partners in the protection of the environment, and has established a system for monitoring compliance with the Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct, which aims to help suppliers to improve the principles of sustainable practices in their operations. Having learned last year what environmental principles its main suppliers follow and how they reduce their environmental impact, the Group intends to advise those who lack knowledge or experience in this area to reduce their environmental impact across the Group’s sphere of influence.

About the National Responsible Business Awards

The National Responsible Business Awards is an initiative in place in Lithuania since 2008, which aims to increase awareness of the benefits of corporate social responsibility for business, the state and every person, and to encourage the country's companies to implement the principles of social responsibility in their activities.

This competition promotes the good competition of companies in increasing their social responsibility rather than in pursuit of profit. Since 2013, the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation and the Ministry of the Environment have been holding these awards together with their social partners.