Ignitis Renewables will not compromise any of its environmental standards

24 October 2022

International green energy company Ignitis renewables are proud of its position on project development and the stand on the environmental management during the development, construction, and operational phases. 

Recently proposals have been announced across the European Union in the form of an EU declaration ‘Repower EU’ which amends or adds additional laws aimed at speeding up the process of bringing new renewable energy projects online and helping Lithuania achieve energy independence by 2030. In relation to wind energy projects, some of these proposals could be seen as diluting the environmental management of the development schemes by removing the requirements in certain circumstances.  

There are, in some public discussions, even calls for the requirement of the Environmental Impact Assessment to be removed where schemes are perhaps under a certain size. Ignitis renewables feels that is a mistake and would prefer to see the Government adopt a standard that requires all developers to continue to perform all the current standards, but not have an obligation to check all documentation, rather that there is an option for Government Agencies to spot test projects and that the requirements stays in place legally.  

Whilst Ignitis Renewables appreciated that there is an imperative both politically and economically to achieve energy independence by 2030 it will not compromise any of environmental standards meaning that the communities can be assured that the highest environmental standards will be upheld in all Ignitis Renewables developments.