Ignitis will turn Zarasai to heaven for EVs: to install 30 charging points

8 November 2023

A smart energy solutions company, Ignitis, which manages the largest fast-charging electric vehicle (EV) network in Lithuania, Ignitis ON, nicknamed Zarasai as EV heaven because the company won the tender organised by Zarasai Municipality for installing EV charging stations. Eimantas Balta, Head of EV Charging Network for Baltics at Ignitis, the successful tender will improve the city with 30 new charging points, including 6 fast and super-fast charging points.

EV drivers already can or will soon be able to find Ignitis ON charging points at 14 locations in Zarasai and, by the start of the summer, in Antazavė and Dusetos. Some EV charging points will be located near residential areas so Zarasai citizens can charge their cars even more conveniently.

“EV charging infrastructure was very scarce in this part of Lithuania, regardless of the fact that Zarasai is actually a transit city. So, you could say that this issue had to be handled without delay, and we recognise the tender we won as a sign of increasing comforts for EV enthusiasts. The new infrastructure will be convenient to our citizens, local residents or tourists as well as Latvian residents or EV drivers going to Latvia,” commented E. Balta.

It is a fact that new EV charging stations will improve Zarasai in all aspects, including environmental and financial. The city will also become more modern and attractive to tourists

Jonas Žusinas, Head of the Construction and Urban Planning Department of Zarasai Municipality, suggests that the modern technology of EV charging stations and points will contribute to the city's image and encourage EV drivers to come to Zarasai as a tourist attraction. Additionally, EVs are the future of transport, and charging points are the key component in transitioning towards the future.

“By creating conditions to develop the EV charging infrastructure in our city, we contribute to the development of a sustainable transport system for today and tomorrow,” said J. Žusinas.

E. Balta also noted the value of e-mobility and reminded that EVs contribute to a cleaner environment now and in the future because they do not produce emissions such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxides when running. Making charging points available encourage people to choose EVs with more confidence, which, by the way, is a more economical choice in the long term. Electricity is already cheaper compared to conventional fuel, and it is likely to be even cheaper, considering the rapid development of renewable energy sources. EVs also make less noise, which improves the well-being of the locals and guests, which is great. EVs also require less maintenance and have fewer moving parts that can fail.

Here are all the locations at Zarasai municipality which will have Ignitis ON EV charging stations: by November of this year, there will be two fast and two super-fast (120 kW and 180 kW) charging points installed at the island parking lot at Vilnius St., two fast charging points are to be installed at Vytauto St. 54, and two slow-charging points are to be installed at Sėlių Ave. 22-24, D. Bukonto St. 11C, Vilniaus St. 8, P. Širvio St. 32, Vytauto St. 46A, Dariaus ir Girėno St. 30A as well as Kauno St. 67. Next year, before the summer, there will be two slow-charging points installed at P. Širvio St. 6, P. Širvio St. 24, Vytauto St. 54 in Dusetos and Dvaro St. 4 in Antazavė.

In Zarasai, the available EV charging stations will offer a 50% discount on 10–12 November.

All Ignitis ON EV charging stations can be conveniently located using an Ignitis ON app.