We are creating a 100% green and secure energy ecosystem

Ignitis Group is a renewables-focused integrated utility and the largest listed company in the Baltic states.

  • Green
  • Flexible
  • Integrated
  • Sustainable

Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy

We are the largest group of energy companies in the Baltic states and pursue a long-term growth of our business and society as a whole while contributing to social development and wellbeing.


Our approach to sustainability:

Our purpose is to create a 100% green and secure energy ecosystem for current and future generations. We are committed to reach net zero emissions by 2040-2050.



Our sustainability priorities:

We are firmly committed to building a sustainable future and creating value for our stakeholders.



Sustainability performance and reporting:

We maintain a culture of transparency and openness, share information about our sustainability performance and monitor our progress towards improvement.


Changing energy system together

Join the energetic Ignitis Group team and let's change the energy sector together, inspired by innovation and a vision for a sustainable future.




Head of Procurement Planning, ESO

"Ignitis Group engages all those who aspire to develop and create, giving them the opportunity not only to grow themselves, but also to educate others, to create ideas, to realise them, to fulfil themselves in untested roles, and to experience all of this in the energy sector, which is so important to each of our lives.



Accounting Expert, Group Service Centre

Everyday work makes you feel inspired and responsible for a strategic company that is important for Lithuania. "Ignitis Group motivates you to grow not only with professional knowledge, but also strengthens your personal development. I am happy to be part of the team and to contribute to Ignitis Group's goals as much as any of us.



Innovation expert, Group Service Centre

At Ignitis Group, I have the privilege of working with a professional and motivated team. Here, my growth in knowledge and skills is continuous, and I'm actively involved in implementing projects that are pivotal for innovating a more sustainable electricity sector. My experience in [specific project or aspect] has been particularly enriching and demonstrates our commitment to excellence and sustainability. If you're seeking not just a job, but an opportunity to contribute significantly towards a greener future alongside a fantastic team, I warmly invite you to join us



IT analyst, Group service center

I feel very passionate about working on IT solutions for the energy sector, because it is a critical need for all of us. When I work on technology, my ambition is the well-being of people and the environment, and the Ignitis Group provides the perfect conditions to achieve this. So if you share the same values, I invite you to join us!