Communities and us

Ignitis Group’s activities are geographically dispersed throughout the different regions of Lithuania and other countries where various communities are located. The Group may have an impact on the communities’ residential, social and economic environment and, vice versa, the communities may affect the Group's operations.

We understand this and are working to ensure the engagement and collaboration with local communities and residents based on our values and strategy.


How do we collaborate?

We aim to minimize potential negative impact on communities and to be a trusted member of the communities. When forming and improving our sustainability activities, we consider the opinion of the community members, therefore, we prioritize open and active communication.

We aim to collaborate with the communities in a consistent and unified manner, with special focus on bilaterally beneficial partnerships, activities and projects.

The Group has approved Community Ivolvement and Relations Management Guidelines according to which the Group companies engage communities and manage relations with them. The guidelines provide measures which strengthen the culture and practice of a responsible and sustainably developed business.

Group Community Involvement and Relations Management Guidelines

Contacts for communities

Want to collaborate or have more ideas?