Ignitis EV charging hub in Anykščiai: 22 charging points

14 December 2023

The largest fast-charging network in Lithuania, Ignitis ON, has turned another district in Lithuania EV friendly. On 14 December the first charging hub was opened in Anykščiai, near a new Maxima supermarket. According to Eimantas Balta, Head of E-mobility at Ignitis, the new charging hub in Anykščiai is one out of six Ignitis ON charging hubs to be deployed in the country and includes 22 charging points.

11 charging stations were installed in Anykščiai, near a freshly opened Maxima supermarket (Kalno St. 6), where 22 EVs can be charged at the same time as one charging station has at least two charging points. The charging hub will have 4 super-fast charging points (150 kW) and 18 slow charging points (11 kW).

“We have a successful EV charging business, and we understand that drivers, besides the state-of-the-art solutions, high charging capacity and speeds, also need convenience and efficiency, when the driver can leave her/his EV to charge while enjoying other activities. And most of all, the EV driver needs assurances that she/he can drive to a destination while being certain that she/he will be able to charge her/his EV quickly instead of waiting for an indeterminate amount of time. The first EV charging hub in Anykščiai will provide convenience for EV drivers because they will be able to charge their transport vehicles comfortably and quickly while being able to recharge themselves in local recreational zones in Anykščiai, including tourist attractions and SPA centres. If the drivers want to make a quick stop, they can easily charge using the super-fast charging points, and if they stay for longer, the slow charging points will serve them perfectly as they do not overload the network, are comfortable and convenient,” commented the representative of Ignitis.

According to E. Balta, Ignitis ON covered yet another EV dead zone in the Lithuanian map, making it much more attractive for EV owners.

The next EV charging hub should pop up in Klaipėda in the nearest future, where 8 EVs will be able to charge very quickly at the same time.

In the future Ignitis ON is planning to expand to more cities in Lithuania.

On 15–17 December Ignitis ON charging points in Anykščiai (Kalno St. 6) will offer a 50% discount off the prices listed in www.ignitison.lt/kainodara.

All charging points can be conveniently located and accessed using the Ignitis ON app.