"Ignitis Gamyba" will automate the generation control and supervision of its power plants.

12 March 2024

On March 7 of this year, "Ignitis Gamyba", which manages the largest electricity capacities in Lithuania, signed a contract with the Austrian company ANDRITZ, a leading global supplier of electromechanical systems and services for hydropower plants including digital and automated solutions, which will install an automatic generation control (AGC) system. The contract value amounts to over 2 million euros excluding VAT.

AGC's technological solution will cover all the power plants managed by "Ignitis Gamyba" - the Elektrėnai complex, the Kruonis hydro pumped storage power plant and the Kaunas hydro power plant. The implementation of the project will last one and a half years and will be completed in August 2025. The implementation of AGC system is an important step in modernizing your production capacity. These advanced technologies and innovative solutions will help continue our commitment to shaping a sustainable energy future by being a key part of the regional energy ecosystem.

"We are happy to announce the intention to implement an automatic generation control system, which will combine the control of all company's electric power plants and create opportunities for integration of power plants using renewable energy resources, storage devices and other new technologies in the future. By combining power plant management, it will be possible to manage generation regimes more efficiently and reliably and to provide to the market new ancillary services, which are so necessary for the successful integration of RES into the system," says Rimgaudas Kalvaitis, head of “Ignitis Gamyba”.

According to him, this strategic initiative is in the line with the company's strategic goal - to use advanced technologies to ensure operational continuity and reliability, while sustainable and innovative solutions would enable the company to maintain leading positions in electricity trading and providing balancing services, consolidating its position as a regional leader.

The AGC system is an automated technological solution for power plants based on advanced control algorithms, which allows optimizing electricity production, controlling different devices in an automated way, providing balancing services, thus increasing the stability of the network, and enabling the integration of more wind and solar power plants into the power system. Automation of control functions by changing electricity generation regimes will allow the company to respond promptly to the changing needs of the electricity market and power system balancing, expand “Ignitis Gamyba” opportunities to maintain not only leading position in the electricity market, but also to successfully compete in new balancing capacity and balancing electricity market segments in the common EU market.