Ignitis will build a powerful EV charging hub in Mega shopping centre in Kaunas

3 April 2024

Ignitis, which manages Ignitis ON, the largest EV fast-charging network in Lithuania, is keeping ahead of its competitors in the charging network development front as it has reached an agreement with Baltic Shopping Centers, which manages Mega, a shopping and leisure centre in Kaunas, regarding the installation of 20 EV charging points in the centre's car park. The EV charging points, including 14 very fast charging and 6 slow charging points, will be installed at Mega in two stages. The first charging points will be installed by the end of June at the latest, and the remaining charging points will be installed by the end of the year.

During the first stage, which is in June, the Ignitis ON slow charging points will be installed on the second floor of the car park at Mega. During the second stage, which will take place until the end of the year, the fast charging points will be installed at the outdoor car park of the shopping and leisure centre.

According to Eimantas Balta, Head of E-mobility at Ignitis, the agreement is significant to the company because the charging points will create a sense of convenience for EV drivers. Considering that the Mega shopping centre is in the middle of Lithuania, near one of the largest “crossroads” in the country and close to heavy traffic, this EV charging hub will be very convenient to EV drivers as they will have more opportunities to charge their EVs quickly. They will also have something to do while their vehicle is charging. 

“By the end of the year, we will offer drivers to charge their EVs conveniently at a reliable, fast and powerful EV charging hub in Kaunas, where, like all other Ignitis ON charging points, EVs will be charged using green electricity produced in Lithuania. With the abundance of charging points, you will not have to wait in queues and will feel safe because there will be a quick and reliable place to charge your EV when you arrive,” says E. Balta.
According to Ieva Goštautaitė-Gedutė, Head of Baltic Shopping Centers, besides Kaunas residents, about a quarter of the visitors who come to Mega come from other cities or countries. 

“Considering the pace of e-mobility development, an ability to charge EVs in a shopping centre is no longer an advantage, but a necessity. We strive to offer our visitors reliable and convenient services, so we appreciate the cooperation with Ignitis ON and are looking forward to the launch of the first charging points,” comments I. Goštautaitė-Gedutė. 

The number of EVs in our country has been growing very rapidly in recent years. According to the data collected from Regitra on 1 March, there are 12,477 all-electric vehicles registered in the country. And in the last twelve months, the share of registered EVs has increased by 49.75%. Kaunas is the second city in Lithuania in terms of the number of registered EVs with 2,776 EVs registered in the city and more than 1,000 EVs registered in the Kaunas district. Convenient and well-developed charging infrastructure makes the life of EV drivers much easier and increases the joy of driving an electric vehicle.  

The fast charging points will use CSS connectors, and the slow charging points will use Type 2 connectors.
Currently, 16 Ignitis ON charging points are available in Kaunas, there are also almost 400 charging points available in Lithuania, 20 in Latvia, and the first charging points in Estonia should be launched by the end of the year. Ignitis ON is planning to install up to 3,000 EV charging points across the Baltic states by 2026.
You can find the available Ignitis ON EV charging points using the Ignitis ON app.